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I got a few figures from Pendraken recently to have a look-see after buying the Bloody Big Battles rules for the mid 19th Century. Having chatted to Leon over at Pendraken, he was happy to send me a few sample figures from five of their 19th Century ranges, which is much appreciated. I’ve decided to do a mini review / show and tell to repay his generosity, as well as some comparison shots with some Magister Militum WW1 figures I got a while ago but didn’t end up doing anything with yet (they’ll come in part 2 or 3).


I’m going to take some shots of the figures in the raw, undercoated, and painted up, so here’s the first looks. These are all straight from the bag too, nothing done to them, but I can’t really see anything immediately that does need doing to them. That’s some seriously quality casting there. These are just a very small sample of the codes that Pendraken do in these ranges – there are a *lot* of different offerings in each range.



Franco-Prussian war French



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