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Just a quick post for the first time in a few weeks. My wife had to have emergency surgery on her left eye a couple of weeks ago after her retina started to detach, and I’ve been looking after her since then. It hasn’t been a fun time chez Lemming.

This is more of a general post than anything else, my game a few weeks ago of Maurice for our campaign had to be shelved, then my opponent had to work, and next week is getting ready to go to Vegas to play some fantasy catmen game or other, so it looks like we’re going to tentatively play on the 15th May, so expect a report then.

There’s been a mini-resurgence in Impetus at the club over the last couple of weeks, mostly concentrated on the Ancients rather than Medieval period, with two strands to it – a Peloponnesian war arena and a Successor Wars arena. I’ve been considering doing an Impetus Ancients army for a while, and might do one next year after I get my Longstreet army done and hopefully complete my Muskets and Tomahawks army. I’m looking for a second major project for next year, so this might be what I go for. I’ve looked over Markus’ lists, and the Graeco-Bactrian one looks fun – lots of different elements, which I like in an army, including elephants. We’ll see, anyway.

Note that I said my second major project for next year.  I already have one major project earmarked for next year (or the second half of this year, depending on when I get my ACW Union army finished). There’s a kickstarter for By Fire and Sword which looks interesting, and which I’ve pledged into.  A few others at the club have got the bug, and plumped for various armies – Tatar, Cossacks, Muscovites, Polish-Lithuanian, and Mark already has a large collection of Ottomans, so I decided to go with a Swedish army, figuring that if we end up playing in the Thirty Years War at some point, I can use them there too.



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